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If you are looking for a sports entertainment then the Ice Wall will be sure to provide thrills.

Towering at 8 meters high and imitating the real glaciers, our Ice Wall is a perfect climbing structure for the whole family, suitable for the young as well as the old.

What makes our Ice Wall special is that it offers 2 initiation routes for ice climbing with ice picks. The other 2 sides are covered with high-density mousse patches imitating “dry ice” in with the climbers have to plant their ice picks.

Our Ice Wall is also equipped with 2 regular climbing routes which means that in total 4 people with different levels of experience can climb the structure simultaneously.

No matter what event you are organizing, our mobile Rock Climbing Wall will be the most popular attraction at your event.

Number of climbing routes: 2 paths in rock + 2 paths with ice axe
Height of routes: 8 meters
Season: summer/winter
Belay: automatic
Public: children, adults and seniors
Installation time: 15 min.
Capacity: 60 climbers/hour
Surface: glacier imitation (dry ice)
The structure is inclined with a hydraulic actuator
Deployment time per actuator: 26 seconds
Trailer: respecting standard road widths and documentation
Frame: galvanized

Our Ice Wall is an 8 m high and 2.33 m wide semi-rectangular rubber structure leaning on a trailer of GVW 1,5 t. This trailer is a suitable vehicle, which allows an easy transportpation and acts as a counterweight for the structure during climbing activities.

The installment into the “climbing” mode is fast and effortless thanks to 12 volt motorized hydraulic central allowing to raise the structure in just a few minutes. No electric plugs are necessary which means that the installation of our climbing walls is completely self-sufficient. Only one person can carry out this installation and the same applies for the surveillance of the climbing activity

As a matter of fact only one person can supervise the climbing thanks to an automatic recall system on the backside of the structure. The ropes that secure the climbers will block automatically in case the climber falls guaranteeing a safe climbing experience.

It is completely possible to regroup 2 mobile rock climbing walls into one structure on top of a concrete base. We assemble the 2 walls back to back to create a tower that provides 8 climbing routes.

Our Ice Wall comes with all the necessary equipment needed for the activity:

  • The half rectangle rubber structure
  • The trailer with a remote controlled motor on a hydraulic jack.
  • The rubber climbing holds to install on the climbing wall
  • Two high density foam patches
  • Automatic belay system for 4 climbers
  • The PPE or Personal Protective Equipment (ropes, slings and carabineers)

 We can customize your structure and its color on demand.

Dimensions on the road:

  • Height: 2,50 m
  • Width: 2,50 m
  • Length (including drawbar): 9,20 m
  • Ground clearance: 0, 3 m

Dimensions in climbing position:

  • Height: 8 m
  • Width (without stabilizer): 2, 50 m
  • Length (including drawbar): 9, 20 m
  • Ground clearance: 0,3 m
  • Weight: 1 500 kg
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