FunKub : rock climbing for kids

ENTER THE FUN YET SPORTIVE CLIMBING universe of funkub ADAPTED for 3 TO 8 YEAR old children!

Funkub is a structure dedicated to indoor climbing for kids. While rock climbing for kids is usually difficult to set up, we offer them an adapted way to discover it, taking into account their young age and physical capacities. Our mobile climbing wall for kids is all about developing motor skills, autonomy and social cohesion, while guaranteeing that the children will have fun.


The cube is just like a mobile climbing wall for kids, but even better ! Kids can climb the outer walls, but also progress in the inside with various obstacles or nets, and always in a safe and padded environment. Protective mats are placed around the structure to avoid injuries in case of falling off a wall. We all know how rock climbing for birthday party is great, and the best part is that you need neither diploma nor security equipment to survey this activity.

Public: 3-8 years old
Capacity: 15 children
Average capacity: 90 children/hour
Surveillance: 1 adult without specialized training
Activities: climbing wall, climbing nets, net track, monkey bridge

Cube dimensions: 2mx2mx2m
Total dimensions: 5mx5m
Installation: 20 minutes
Indoors: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Position: self-stable
Structure: galvanized steel
Weight: 350 kg


The climbing structure is accordingly registered and respects NF EN1176-1:2017 security norms. Every year all of our structures are audited and checked by an independent security company. We provide our clients with the manufacturer’s manual and all relevant documentation.


Dimensions: 2,50mx4,00mx0,70m
Weight: < 750 kg

The transportation of the mobile climbing cube is done with a special trailer respecting road widths and has necessary registrations, you will not need a special permit.

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    +33 (0)6 59 52 21 30

    Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm



The Funkub structure cubes can easily be assembled using nets, to create bigger structure. This way you enlarge the playing area and children can organize the space, as they want it to be! Indoor climbing for kids as Funkub will allow them to design the games they want to play while using their imagination. The several obstacles allow a great diversity of activities, which will greatly contribute to the motor skills of the children. With their tremendous imagination, they will turn the Funkub into a lot of different and adventurous environments, releasing its full potential as a game partner.

The Funkub is a place of complete freedom in which children can stay for hours without being bored and while they run all over this secured area, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest, which you will surely need if you are organizing a birthday party. When you’re done with it, the Funkub is easily transported with its trailer.


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