Funkub rental

FunKub rental

Come and discover the athletic and fun climbing world of Funkub created specially for kids between the ages of 3 and 8.

This climbing structure can aid children with the development of motor skills, independence and socializing while playing.

Our mobile climbing cube is unique and allows climbers to move around freely and securely. Kids have the possibility to climb on different surfaces on the outside of the cube. On the inside they can climb as well, pull themselves up  and also crawl between different obstacles and nets. Additionally we in stall reception mats joint by Velcro strips around and inside the structure.

This structure doesn’t require neither specific protection equipment for climbers nor specially trained personnel to survey the activity.

The BEST part of this concept is that you can assemble our cubes simply with nets and by doing this you can augment the playground surface and allow the children to create their own route

Public: 3-8 year olds
Capacity: 15 children, 90 children/hour
Supervisor: 1 person (no previous training required)
Activities: climbing wall, climbing nets, monkey bridge, net track

Cube dimensions: 2mx2mx2m
Total dimensions: 5mx5m
Installation: 20 minutes
Indoors: Yes
Outdoors: Yes
Position: self-stable
Structure: galvanized steel
Weight: 350 kg


The climbing structure is accordingly registered and respects NF EN1176-1:2017 security norms. Every year all of our structures are audited and checked by an independent security company. We provide our clients with the manufacturer’s manual and all relevant documentation.


Dimensions: 2,50mx4,00mx0,70m
Weight: < 750 kg

The transportation of the mobile climbing cube is done with a special trailer respecting road widths and has necessary registrations, you will not need a special permit.

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