Our second-hand structures

Mobile climbing walls on trailer for sale or for rent : our different services 

At Vertical Industry, we are committed to creating mobile climbing walls on trailer for rent. We care deeply about the development of rock climbing and our activity is a way to promote a sport that we like. Rock climbing is about teamwork, freedom and excelling oneself. Whatever the climbing style, it has charmed more and more people over the years. To cater to all demands, we propose climbing walls for sale, outdoor climbing structure rental and climbing walls on trailer for sale.

Our climbing walls are designed to offer the best climbing sensations and reproduce either a stone cliff or a frozen waterfall. Outdoor climbing structures are available for sale, but we also for rental. You can choose the option that best fits your needs, according to your activity and budget.

The many advantages of the climbing wall on trailer for rent

Choosing to rent a mobile climbing wall on trailer is usually a good idea for events, as it provides a spectacular and popular activity. It can also be used for team building, for example in a professional context. It also strengthens self-confidence, which is a good thing for rather shy people.

Bouldering wall for rent : find the climbing wall rental on trailer made for you

We also propose bouldering wall rentals. Bouldering is a sub-discipline of rock climbing that consists in climbing relatively low heights, but focuses on the physical performance and difficulty. One of our star-products is the outdoor climbing structure for rent that mimics a wall of ice and proposes to ascend it using picks, which is unusual for an artificial wall.

For any needs of mobile climbing walls rental on trailer, we are at your service. If you don’t specifically want to rent mobile climbing wall on trailer, we take special orders for creation of specific walls for sale, this way you will have the exact wall you wanted. Choosing Vertical Industry is the insurance of having professional experts in climbing walls at your service.