Our custom-made structures

You’re looking for an outdoor climbing structure for sale or you have a special order ? WE ARE here for you!

We know how much rock climbing is about discovering new paths and climbing routes so we are happy to create customized rock climbing walls for sale. If you want to follow your own path to the top and have a unique climbing structure, we can discuss your project together. The majority of our customers choose to rent but for those who would like to find an outdoor climbing structure for sale, we are also happy to help them in search of more adventurous equipment.


Tower French Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing

Ice tower

Pirate themed Adventure Route


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We will do our best to meet various requirements such as difficulty, size, type of holds, slope, or simply visual aspect. We have already worked with big customers such as the French Federation of Mountain and Rock Climbing, and provided a convincing work of quality. Relying on twenty years of experience in building rock climbing walls for sale or for rent, we master all the processes and techniques involved for an outstanding result.

The full conception of a tailored climbing wall is of course based on the interaction with the customer, who knows best what the wall is needed for. We can provide advice and suggestions, however we are always up for a challenge and will do our best to deliver the exact outdoor climbing structure you were dreaming of while buying your mobile climbing wall on a trailer.



We are really passionate about rock climbing, because we think it’s a sport with strong values such as cooperation, teamwork, ambition and perseverance. All these are qualities that are very important even in everyday life, so we are convinced that rock climbing is a great way to develop oneself both physically and spiritually. This conviction drives us to producing the best climbing walls on trailer, in order to celebrate and share this beautiful sport in which we trust.