Double climbing cage

Double climbing cage

Attach 2 Climbing Cages, add our “Adventure Route” module and you will have the Double Climbing Cage.

14 people can simultaneously climb up the giant 8 meters high net structure, cross the beam bridge and then climb down via the second Climbing Cage.

Similarly to our Climbing Cage, there is no risk of falling, which means that the climbers don’t need to be geared up and that is a big time saver!

Whatever type of event you are organizing, we guarantee that the Double Climbing Cage will be a key attraction of your party.

Height of routes: 8 meters
Season: summer/winter
Belay: none
Public: children, adults and seniors
Installation time: 20 min.
Capacity: 80 climbers per hour
Surface: ropes and nets
The structure is inclined with a hydraulic actuator
Deployment time per actuator: 26 seconds
Trailer: respecting standard road widths
Equipment: none ( Individual Protection Equipment not necessary)

Our Double Climbing Cage is 8 m high and 2, 33 m wide, composed of 2 metallic structures, each leaning on its own trailer.

When set up and ready for activity, whole structure takes up a space of 11 square meters with the trailers included.

No external electricity source is necessary which means the installment of our climbing walls is done with a simple integrated remote control.


Our Climbing Cage comes with all the necessary equipment needed for the activity:

  • 2 Climbing CageS with the cords and nets inside
  • The Adventure Route module with the bridge on the beams
  • 2 trailers with remote control motors with a hydraulic jack


It is also possible to add to our Double Climbing Cage a blowup slide.

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