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As manufacturers and distributors of rock climbing wall on trailer for sale or for rent, we provide several mobile climbing walls adapted to all kind of events. The outdoor mobile climbing wall is simple to use, very popular, and proposes a good activity for those who yearn for sport. It is designed to fit all levels of practice and all ages, so it is a great way to unite a group. Mobile wall wall climbing also calls on values such as mutual aid and perseverance. Choose the opportunity to help discovering a sensational sport, and create unforgettable memories for all the people involved !

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Our mobile climbing walls

At the peak of climbing with our climbing walls on trailer !

Renting a mobile structure makes its transport easier : our mobile climbing wall on trailer also has the advantage of being available in several categories. You may try climbing on a classic indoor climbing wall displaying the aspect of natural rock and imagine yourself ascending a wild cliff. Otherwise, you may choose a climbing wall on trailer designed to reproduce ice climbing with picks, or monkey bars that are very easy to use as they do not require climbing equipment. Of course, monkey bars are secured with several nets. By combining several ones of them, you can end up with an impressive climbing installation that will be very accessible, but also extremely efficient at entertaining people of all age.

Years of practice and implication to deliver you the best mobile climbing structure on trailer

We are convinced that a bouldering wall for rent or for sale is a key point of all events, because they always give the feeling of living an extraordinary experience, far from the everyday routine. Outdoor walls also do great in these kind of situation, as they immediately draw attention to them. Choosing outdoor mobile rock wall climbing for events is also a good thing because rock climbing is a sport that generates passion, but is difficult to discover.

Our work is to design safe and ergonomic mobile climbing walls on trailer for rent and for sale. Very easy to install, our walls are designed to fit all requirements needed, thanks to our twenty years of experience. We can guarantee dozens of hours of fun in the best safety conditions ever.

For a rock climbing wall rental on trailer, you can contact us and ask us any questions about this. We will do our best to answer as quick as we can. To learn more about our products and get more information, you can go on our outdoor climbing structure rental page.


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Mobile wall climbing will meet your expectations because our walls are both mobile and self-contained : they’re fully mobile from one site to another thanks to the towing system.


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